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  • Some issues on the early intervention of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


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  • Knowledge Level about Prevention and Treatment of COPD: A Cross-Sectional Survey in Pulmonary Physicians

    Objectives To evaluate pulmonary physicians’knowledge level about prevention and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease( COPD) in some urban areas in China. Methods A total of 258 pulmonary physicians were interviewed face-to-face in 24 hospitals from July to October in 2006. The questionnaire included the knowledge of COPD, prescriptions at initial visit and follow-up, pulmonary function test monitoring, assessment and intervention in stable COPD, knowledge and evaluation of the commonly used medicines, the effects of smoking cessation and adopted measures, as well as the knowledge of treatment prospects and patients’ education. Results Eighty-eight percent of pulmonary physicians considered themselves knowledgeable on COPD, and 95% were familiar with the severity classification. Most of them knew about GOLD and Chinese Guideline of Prevention and Treatment to COPD, and paid attention to chest X-ray and pulmonary function test during diagnosis. The standards in evaluation of stable COPD patients were not well understood, and 92% of physicians claimed for pulmonary function test in stable stage. Seventy-nine percent of physicians actively suggested the patients quit smoking. The prescription for COPD patients at iniative and maintenance therapy met the guideline on the whole, but the mucolytic agents were appreciated too much and used too frequently. Thirty-three percent of physicians took it necessary to treat stable COPD,and 69% believed that pharmacotherapy for stable COPD could rersult in satisfactory quality of life.Conclusions In some big cities in China, the pulmonary physicians have good knowledge about COPD. But long-term prevention and intervention, especially in pharmacotherapy, are still unsatisfactory.

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  • How to Understand that Tobacco Dependence Is a Chronic Morbidity

    长期以来人们一直将吸烟, 包括吸烟成瘾看作是一种习惯, 并没有将其视为一种疾病。这样使得戒烟变得很困难和复杂。吸烟之所以长期广泛流行并造成十分严重的社会经济危害, 原因包括一系列生物、心理、社会因素, 其中最重要的原因是由于香烟烟雾中的尼古丁是一种可以使人成瘾的物质, 使得吸烟人产生烟草依赖。1998 年世界卫生组织正式提出烟草依赖是一种慢性病, 列入国际疾病分类( ICD-10,F17. 2) 。这在吸烟与控烟历史上具有划时代的意义, 将会使控烟工作从此进入一个与以往不同的时代。

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  • The appreciability of GINA 2006 in China


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  • Obstractive sleep apnea syndrome and hypertension

    阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停综合征(OSAS)是在睡眠过程中上气道完全或部分狭窄导致患者反复呼吸暂停或低通气,出现鼾声、低氧血症及睡眠中反复微觉醒引起日间疲乏、嗜睡等症状的一组症候群。高血压是以体循环动脉压升高为主要特点的临床综合征,是最常见的心血管疾病,也是现代社会最主要的流行病之一。近十几年来,越来越多的研究证实OSAS与高血压的形成与发展独立相关,是非常重要的致高血压发生的危险因素[1-4]。 动脉压持续升高可导致心、脑、肾和血管等损害,并可引起全身代谢异常,严重危害人类的健康。但同时高血压又是可以防治的疾病,有效控制血压可明显地降低心脑血管疾病的死亡率。然而临床上难治性高血压的发生比例逐渐增加,原因之一在于部分由OSAS引起的继发性高血压被误诊为原发性高血压,从而使这些患者未得到根本性的病因治疗[5,6]。因此,如何预防和减少OSAS引起的高血压成为现代医学关注的焦点。本文将从流行病学、发病机制、临床意义及治疗几个方面论述OSAS与高血压之间的相关性。

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  • Suggestions for Using FEV1/FVC Ratio below 70% after Inhaling Bronchodilator as Diagnostic Criteria of COPD

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  • Application status of titrated oxygen therapy in patients with acute exacerbation of COPD: a three-year literature review

    Objective To investigate the application status of titrated oxygen therapy in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD) by means of literature retrieving. Methods Database retrieving is taken on eight major domestic medical journals about the treatment for AECOPD patients during the period of January 2013 to December 2015. Results There were 70 articles involving the treatment of AECOPD in the eight major journals during 2013 to 2015. Oxygen therapy was not mentioned in 14 articles, oxygen therapy data were incomplete in 13 papers and relatively complete in 43 papers. None of the articals provided full description of oxygen therapy. The arterial blood gas of the patients was analyzed, and showed excessive or not enough on effect of oxygen treatment. Conclusion The clinicians did not pay enough attention to oxygen treatment for AECOPD patients, so treatment guideline and clinical pathway should be construed to standardize titrated oxygen therapy.

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  • Misdiagnosis analysis of pulmonary inflammatory pseudotumor

    Objective To investigate the reasons, status, treatment and precautions of misdiagnosis of pulmonary inflammatory pseudotumor. Methods Between January 2005 and December 2015, one hundred eighteen articles about pulmonary inflammatory pseudotumor published in Wanfang and CNKI databases were retrospectively analyzed, among them forty-four articles referring to misdiagnosis rate. The misdiagnosis rate, distribute of misdiagnosed diseases, reasons and main means of definite diagnosis were analyzed. Results There were 1 286 cases of pulmonary inflammatory pseudotumor in the 44 articles, of them 1 012 cases were misdiagnosed. The misdiagnosis rate was 78.84%. Pulmonary inflammatory pseudotumor was often misdiagnosed as lung cancer (65.81%), tuberculosis (15.42%, which included 72 cases of tuberculoma and accounted for 7.11%) and benign pulmonary neoplasms (9.59%). Most misdiagnosed patients did not suffer from adverse consequences, except a few patients undergo unnecessary extended operations. Lack of specificity in clinical manifestations, lack of awareness about the disease, dependent on auxiliary examination and lack of awareness about the fine feature of the disease were the main reasons of misdiagnosis. The majority of misdiagnosed cases were terminal pathological diagnosed through the operation or after percutaneous biopsy. Conclusions Pulmonary inflammatory pseudotumor is lack of specificity in clinical manifestations and easy to be misdiagnosed. It is very important to analyze and identify the fine feature of imaging changes. To reduce and avoid misdiagnosis, clinicians should improve the awareness of this disease.

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  • Study of insulin and insulin receptor in asthma patients

    Objection To investigate the changes of insulin and insulin receptor in asthma patients.Methods Forty asthma patients were allocated into two groups:20 newly diagnosed treatment–naiuml;ve mild-moderate asthma patients,20 mild-moderate persistent asthma patients treated with inhaled corticosteroid. 20 healthy volunteers were enrolled as normal control.Blood samples were obtained from 40 asthma patients and 20 healthy volunteers.Total and differential leukocyte counts,blood glucose concentration and serum insulin concentration were measured.The level of lymphocyte insulin receptor in peripheral blood were assayed by flow cytomertry.Pulmonary function were performed at the same time.Results The numbers of eosinophil in the two asthma groups were significantly higher than those in the normal control group [(4.04±2.57)% and (4.24±2.34)% vs (0.90±1.38)%,Plt;0.05),the levels of insulin and insulin receptor in the treatment-naiuml;ve group were significantly higher than those in the control group [insulin:(13.00±5.20)mIU/L vs (10.08±3.79)mIU/L,Plt;0.05;insulin receptor:(2.59±3.11)% vs (0.99±0.62)%,Plt;0.05).Conclusion Insulin secretion and insulin receptor expression in asthma patients are increased in the presence of inflammation.

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  • Asthma control level in the members of asthma association

    Objective To investigate the control level in asthmatic patients who were members of asthma association in the People’s Hospital of Peking university.Methods 76 asthmatic patients attended the Third Meeting of asthma association and asthma test was conducted.The patients self-evaluated the state of illness,filled the questionnaire of asthma control test(ACT) while peak expiratory flow(PEF) was measured.The steroids usage was also investigated.Results The average age of the patient investigated was(60.6±11.5)year old.The percentage of well control by self-evaluation was 89.5%(62/76);75%(48/64) by ACT questionairs.50.8%(31/61)of the patients fell in green region and 36.1%(22/61)fell in yellow region of PEF.The coincidence rate of self-evaluation with ACT was 40.6%.ACT scores comparable to green region,yellow region and red region were 21.33±3.44,21.12±3.24 and 17.43±4.47 respectively.There were no significant difference of ACT score between green region group and yellow region group,or yellow region group and red region group.Conclusions Most of asthma association members could achieved well control which could be ascribed to asthma education and management program on the basis of partner relationship between doctors and patients.

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